15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits That You Need To Know !

                        15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

All of you must have heard about  Peepal tree  It is most common for worship, as much as it is important religiously, similarly it's having its medicinal effects too. So in this article you will get Amazing peepal tree benefits In Ayurveda there are so many details explained for peepal, let us know about such beneficial medicinal effects of peepal.

The Peepal Tree is God of trees Just like different trees, it additionally discharges oxygen even around evening time. As per the Ayurveda, all aspects of the Pipal tree is helpful for treating various medical problems and sicknesses. This tree can fix upwards of 50 issues, including the runs, and all gastric difficulties. And After reading this article you should know the real peepal tree benefits which are very useful for us.

Peepal tree Mythologies

According to the Skanda Purana, Lord Vishnu the Preserver was born and resided under the Peepal. He likens himself as Ashwattha; (Sanskrit) or the Peepal (Pipal) tree, in the Bhagavad Gita. The Peepal represents the trinity of Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva - the roots being Bhrama, the trunk, Vishnu, and the leaves, Shiva. Okay so let us discuss our main topic about peepal tree benefits so read the below article smoothly

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

                         So here are the best peepal tree benefits

1. For Teeth - Peepal is very beneficial for teeth if you have a toothache, bleeding, or gums bleeding or gums or having bad breath. then what you have to do is, Take 2gm  black pepper 10 gm peepal peel Acacia catechu. mix them all and grind them fine and wash your teeth regularly with this.within - 10-15 days you will be relieved from all of this problem

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

2. For Wrinkle -  in case you have wrinkles due to age, there also peepal has proven very effective. what you have to do is cut down peepal roots soak it in the water and make its fine paste apply this paste as a face pack regularly on your wrinkle areas. and within 10-15 days your all the wrinkles will disappear.

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

3. For Ringworms or Itching -  then there also peepal is very beneficial. you have to consume 4 peepal leaves daily by chewing them. if you can't eat this, then either you can make its syrup or can make its paste by grinding it and apply this daily on the itching and ringworms.within 4-5 days you will get relief from all these problems

4. For Asthma - also peepal is proven to be very effective. If someone is suffering from asthma then what you have to do is take out the stuff inside the peel of peepal and let it dry once it's dry them make its fine powder daily, twice a time in the day give this powder to asthma patient with this you will notice that the effect of asthma will be very much reduced. This is one of the best peepal tree benefits among all the time 

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

5. For cold and cough - then let some peepal leaves dry in the shadow. once it's dry make its fine powder, add some crystal sugar in it and consume this powder with lukewarm water. within 2-3 days cold and cough will be gone, so how beneficial are the medicinal properties of peepal are.

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

6. For Irritation, Wound, or Burning anywhere in your body even then peepal is much beneficial there take 4 ficus leaves, chew them nicely & drink water afterward. Or you may make a paste of Ficus religiosa skinApply that paste on the place where you have irritation on your body, you will get too much of relief

7. For Vat (Air)  Pit (Fire) - peepal helps to get rid of related problems.along with removes all the stomach related problems just like stomach, gas & constipation this take 8-10 fresh leaves of ficus, grind them extract their juice and drink it regularly twice a time in a day you will notice that you are relieved from stomach related problems.

8. For Wound - you can use peepal leaves on the wound of your body to heat the peepal leaves and place it on the wound you will notice that the wound will be healed very soon. along with if you have cracked heals then apply peepal leaves milk on them you will notice not only there is no crack heal but also they become soft tooSo, 

9. For Snake Bite - When accidentally a snake bite, We can do one thing, take peepal leaves and make its juice and give to the patient 2 spoons of peepal leaf juice 3-4 time so that it helps to reduce the pain of poison

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

10. For Constipation - peepal leaves helps in reducing constipation problem, again and again, take 4-5 peepal leaves daily for 10-15 days and you will see the result and if you take it for a longer time it helps to remove constipation permanently

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

11. For eye pain: Take the leaves of the peepal tree and apply it to the eye. It will help in reduce  eye pains and give relief

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

12.For blood purification: Just Take one to two gm powder of peepal seeds and just mix it with honey and take it once or twice a day and it will help in purifying the blood. 

15 Amazing Peepal Tree Benefits

Conclusion -   I hope you find out this article useful and These are all the peepal tree benefits, Just try the above describe thing these helps in  and you will see the magical result
Hope you a healthy body


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