how to cure gastric problem permanently

     How to cure gastric problem permanently 

A gastric problem is a big issue. In this situation you can not focus on any work. So curing gastric problem permanently is very essential for us. Gastric Problem issues like the gas build-up, belching and bloating, stomach aches and indigestion, undigested food in your stomach, or loss of appetite, a decrease in the digestive fire.

how to cure gastric problem permanently

       Home Remedies To Cure Gastric Problem Permanently

1) For all these problems, there is a simple home remedywhich you can store and keep. It will help you a lot in case of an emergency. What is that remedy? The remedy is pretty simple and is very common. When you hear it you will say, that you were already aware of these things. But remember one thing, ingredients are the same, till they are not combined, there is not a proper combination, it does not have such a good result. 
Soap for instance, there is oil and soda in the soap, if you use only oil on the clothes, then it will leave a stain on the clothes, But if soda touches the clothes, then the clothes will get burn. But when these two ingredients are mixed to form soap, it will help remove the stains from the clothes. Read the below tip to care gastric problems permanently.

With this example as the context, I will tell you about the remedy today. What is the remedy? You need three ingredients for that. One is carom seedsCarom seeds are found in everyone's kitchen. Take 200 grams of carom seeds

This is an estimate it can be more or less. The second ingredient needed is lemonsLemons are found in everyone's houses. You have to take two to three lemons. You can take up to four lemons as well. This is as per your wish how sour you want. Take as many lemons so that you adjust it to your taste. Take three to four lemons. If they are big in size then take 3 otherwise take 4. Other than that, take Sendha Namak. This is called rock salt in English. In how much quantity do you need? 

Take about 50 to 60 gramsTake all the three ingredients. First of all, you have to take a glass bowl, which is big and is wide-mouthed, layer it with carom seeds, squeeze one lemon over it. After squeezing it allow it to mix well, 

so that the carom seeds absorb the lemon juiceAfter a while squeeze one more lemon, Like this as, and when the carom seeds absorb all the lemon juice, It is possible, that the carom seeds will take, about a day or so to completely dry, and absorb the lemon juice. It is possible that the carom seeds to completely absorbed the 3-4 lemons, may take about 3 to 4 days. Do not get worried, and patiently follow the process.

 Cover this with a cloth, so that there is no chance of flies and mosquitoes, moving around it, The second point to be noted, is that this should not be kept in direct sunlight. When such herbs are kept in direct sunlight, the essence evaporates. If this has to be kept out in the sunlight, If it is difficult for it to dry inside the house, then this should be kept out for 10 to 15 minutes, covered with a cloth, in mild sunlight not in very harsh sunlight

On the third day, when you squeeze the third or fourth lemon, then take the rock salt that you had kept aside, and mix it with this so that it completely gets mixed. After mixing, allow it to dry by covering the bowl with a cloth. It will take a day or two for this to dry. When it dries completely, then store it in a glass container. This mixture, whenever, at any time, someone has a stomach ache, can swallow a little bit of this mixture.

 They can take one teaspoon of this mixture someone experiences heaviness after eating food, then this can be given to be sucked on. If in the upper region of the chest, there is a feeling of belching or gas or indigestion or acidity then they should be given to be sucked upon. If the gas is in the chest region only then

If however the gas is being passed from the lower end, this means that the food has entered the intestines. If the pain is experienced below the navel, if the pain is above the navel, then it has to be sucked upon, but if the pain is below the navel, then give this with lukewarm water. This can be sucked with lukewarm water or can be swallowed with lukewarm water. Children can take half a teaspoon, while adults should take 1 teaspoon. 

Carom seeds have a hot potency, and it does not suit some people. When lemon juice and rock salt get mixed with it, it becomes a very good remedy. It becomes perfectly digestible. It helps increase the appetite. Some people have a low appetite. Sometimes, after eating food, it remains in the upper region, this can be sucked after meals. Otherwise also, 

if females have period pains, they can also be given with lukewarm water. This can take care of minor stomach Vayu, and pains. The basic purpose of this, is to increase the digestive fire. People keep coming to me asking me, to advise for some churan or powders. I discourage them from taking powders.

 This is a home remedy, please try it. It is very effective. This has no side effects. This can be used for over 4 to 6 months. Whenever the need arises, you can use it. Even when you are traveling, you may prepare this and take it along. Take my word and prepare it once. You will find it really very effective. Please prepare and use this, and later give me feedback, how did you like it?

Conclusion - Use this remedy for curing gastric problems permanently and see the magical result. Take this for some days and see the changes in your body this is the best home remedy to cure the gastric problem.


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