Cure Digestive problems - The Common Reason For Stomach Problems


            5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

Introduction - We are not what we eat. We are what we digest, so it is very essential to know Digestion problems and different kinds of stomach problems. How good, we are at digesting our food determines our energy level longevity, state of the body, and mind. However, most people on a daily basis are knowingly or unknowingly doing things that are damaging their digestive system and generating digestion problems in your body. As a result, some stomach problems are gas bloating, constipation, indigestion skin issues, and hair fall are the most common problems today. According to Ayurveda, almost 96% of the Digestion problems originate from the stomach. I will comprehensively discuss what exactly we should do and what we should not do to keep human digestive system fire up. 

Digestion is the cornerstone of good health and indigestion arises due to lifestyle disorders. I will talk about five common reasons for the Stomach problem which lead to destroying human digestive system.

 5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

      5 Common Reason for Digestion Problems / Stomach                                                           Problems

1. Bathings after meals -  Do you after coming from the office, eat your dinner and then take a bath to cool down or do you first have breakfast and then get ready for work If yes, then you are just messing up the digestion process when we eat something our body's temperature rise in order to digest the food. On the contrary, if we take a bath it decreases the body temperature making it difficult for the human digestion system to digest the food eaten similarly over 90% of people drink water after meals this water dampens the digestive system, and as a result, the food doesn't get digested properly.

 This food then instead of providing nutrition and strength produces toxins in the body and this is the reason for causing digestion and stomach problems,  so that in Ayurveda water after meals is referred to as poison so make sure that you take bath before meals and drink water after a gap of at least 30 minutes.
 5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

2. Wrong food and combinations. -  Most people in their daily life unknowingly combined food in such a way which not only slows down the digestive process but also produces toxins within the body. For example, consuming milk with fruit milk or tea with salty foods, cucumber raita, or tea after meals all these food combinations aren't compatible and seriously hamper the human digestive system and cause digestion problems.

 Then if you're someone who is already suffering from being digestion You should also avoid milk Dalia, banana or mango shake, and even vegetables, salads posts sunset as all these foods are hard for the body to digest. Eating too many dry foods at once can also increase the body heat leading to stomach problems like constipation and to people who eat fast foods on a regular basis. You are just reducing the life of your digestive system the refined flours edgy no moto and other additives used to make such foods stick to the intestines creating problems to pass them out. So better treat yourself with whole-grain pasta made at home fresh fruits and raw vegetables before lunch will give your body the much-needed fiber to boost the human digestive system 

 5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

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3. Meal preparation for the week -  In today's fast-paced life beforehand meal preparation has become a trend many people in order to save Their time prepare their meals for three days, five days, or even for a week and then keep it in the fridge. See, we have to understand that every food has a life of validity after which it begins to lose its nutrition. You might believe that the refrigerator keeps it fresh but that really is not the case in our Ayurveda such food is considered stale, it is called tamasic. This tamasic food when enters the body produces toxins, our weather gives utmost importance to fresh food.

The fresher The food is, the easier it will get digested and the more nutrition it will provide. Some of you might argue that I have been doing meal prep for a while but I have not faced any digestive problem. It may be because your digestion system is strong at the moment the digestive fire in our body builds till the age of 16 years then from 16 years to 35 years it remains stable after 35 years it begins to dampen naturally so if you are young you might be getting away with cold refrigerated food but down the line, you are bound to face stomach and digestion problems.

4. Stress - Have you ever noticed when you get extremely anxious your stomach tends to get loose also the very proverb of shitting in pants is linked to fear. This is because your state of mind is directly linked to the functioning of your digestive system. Every time you empty your bowel successfully, your mind gets immensely relaxed is entered. On the other hand, if your stomach is not clear, your mind can't stay relaxed so the brain-gut connection is strong and clear.

 Stress has become a part and parcel of today's modern lifestyle, be it an excessive use of social media Academy competition, professional timelines, or emotional turmoil. Give yourself a break, be with yourself, enjoy nature sweat it out. It helps a lot and stops causing digestion problems which lead to safeguarding stomach problems.

 5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

5. Irregular food timings - Another side effect of the modern lifestyle is that people have erratic meal timings people who are working surely do lunch on time, but apart from them, they hardly have any fixed timings and skipping breakfast. Late dinners. Midnight munching is a common affair .when we Have no fixed timings our body gets confused and fails to secrete the right digestive enzymes and this is a reason for having digestion problems. If you want to keep your digestion perfect promise yourself that you will eat on fixed timing everyday fixed timings does not mean that you start your 9am keep a window of one hour and finish it between nine to 10am. And don't skip it.

Of course there will be off days at times. that's acceptable. Also, it's not just what we eat, but how we eat that really matters. observe yourself How many times do you chew one bite of food most people hardly chew for five to six times the ideal number is 32. Our Human digestive system expects 50% of the digestion to be completed in mouth since most people don't chew food properly, they experience a sudden loss of energy after me. That's because now your body has to work even harder to digest the food. So to stay energetic, chew your food, eat slowly. So these were those five common habits that affect your digestive system and if you take this step you avoid all stomach problems.

 5 Common Digestion Problems / Stomach Problems

Conclusion -  So here are some tips to avoid digestion problem from the human digestion system and you must have to follow these tip for continually one month to see the result and this help very much to cure all kind of stomach problems like constipation, gas, etc.
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