7 Best Immune System Boosting Food !


                 7 Best Immune System Boosting Food

Which is the best Immune System Boosting Food? This is the most asked question, If you have low immunity system then you catch a cold every now and then, You feel tired most of the time or you are facing skin issues or maybe hair loss well all these are the sign of the weak immunity system don't worry in this article I will show you five foods from which you can boost the immune system naturally at home. And which habits weak your immune system is also mentioned below.

Immune System Boosting Food

What is the immune system?

An immune system is a group of the organ that protects our body from infection, The weak immune system is like an invitation to health problems sometimes the immune system gets so weak that it mistakenly start attacking our own body, In this article, we cover your major asked question. Which food is good for the immune system?
Stress, unhealthy lifestyle and aging are some of the causes of the weak immune system even if you have a good immune system at this age should not take it for granted and should actually put an effort to keep it strong so you can enjoy the long term health benefits so here are five simple Foods to give a boost to your immune system naturally.

                7 Best Immune System Boosting Food

  • Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha is an Indian Hub its properties are so powerful that it has been nickname Indian ginseng. Ashwagandha is well known to instantly boost the immune system  
  • USES - simply take one glass of hot milk and add one tablespoon of ashwagandha powder into it, the best time to have it is 1 hour before you sleep at night if you have an issue of digesting milk you can replace it with water. And I think this is the best drink to boost the immune system.
 Immune System Boosting Food

  • Giloy: It is  another Ayurvedic herb also known as Amrita which literally translates to the root of immortality it helps remove the toxin and refine the blood and fight the bad bacteria 
  • USES- Just mix with one tablespoon of Giloy powder in a glass of warm water and have it empty stomach in the morning. This is the best herb to boost the immune system.

  • Mint drink - This is one  sweet soft drink to make your immune system stronger 
  • USES- Simply put 500 ml of water in a pan and half teaspoon of turmeric into it and let it boil for 2 minutes now at 10 to 12 mint leaf and let it further boil for another 2 to 3 minutes then put the mixture in the glass and let it cool a bit and then add one tablespoon of honey. This is the best immune-boosting food for kids. this simply has all the antioxidants to find the unwanted bacteria in the body.
 Immune System Boosting Food

  • Turmeric - It is a common Spice in Indian cooking which boosts the immune system by it's amazing antioxidant and antimicrobial property.
  • USES - simply add half of teaspoon of turmeric into boil milk ok and have it 1 hour before you go to sleep at night turmeric milk will instantly  Shield your body from infectious microbes
Immune System Boosting Food

  • Amla - Vitamin C is the number one vitamin to reduce the immune system deficiency and Amla or Indian gooseberry is full of Vitamin C. The amount of Vitamin C in one Amla is equal to 20 oranges so just one Amla a day keep your infection away, you can consume Amla in any form juice pickle or Raw 

  • Papaya - Papaya is a food which is loaded with Vitamin you can find 157 percent of Vitamin C in single papaya it found in America papaya has an enzyme which is called Papain it helps in digestion and it has a decent amount of potassium vitamin B / E which is very necessary to maintain a good immune system this vitamin makes this fruit for boosting your immunity. and it said to be the best immune-boosting food for kids.

  • Citrus fruits - Most people turn to Vitamin C after they have got a cold that's because it helps build up your immune system Vitamin C is thought to increase the production of white blood cells these are key to fighting infection and most popular food like brave oranges and lemons as your body doesn't produce or store it you need daily vitamin C for your health almost all citrus foods are high in vitamin C with such a variety to choose from it it's easy to add a squeeze of this Vitamin C to any meal. Which fruit is good for the immune system this question is solved at this point.

Of course, you need not try all this home remedy at a time Pick any one of this of your choice and take it regularly for a few months and you will clearly see the result coming your way and try the above drinks to boost the immune system.

                What Are The Things Which Damage Immune System⚡️

  • It is always advised to maintain a healthy and balanced diet
  • Include seasonal fruit on a daily basis 
  • Get vitamin D from the Sun around 10 to 15 minutes whenever possible
  • Exercise regularly
  • Minimize the intake of high sugar and junk food
  • Drink enough water to Naturally beat of the toxic substances
  • Maintain proper sleep timing
  • Not excessively indulge in smoking or alcohol activity

The question which is solved in this article is - 

  • Immune System Boosting Food
  • Which fruit is good for the immune system
  • Drinks to boost the immune system
  • Immunity-boosting foods for kids
  • Immunity-boosting foods for adults


Hope you love this article and try the above immune-boosting foods for one to two month continuously for best result and make sure you avoid the habits that weaken your immune system and stick with anyone diet for a longer period of time so you will live long and live healthily. So give this article a big thumbs up and share it with your family and friends.


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